Lake Erie Walleye Fishing

Lake Erie is renowned for its walleye fishing. And with good reason. Fisheries continually produce and introduce new walleye to the lake every year, which keeps the walleye fishing alive and well year after year. Walleye are a much sought after gamefish, due to their size and fight; and are palatable, as well.

From the spawn runs of in the Spring, especially in the the Maumee and Sandusky River tributaries, on through summer and even ice fishing, Walleye offer year-round sport to the Lake Erie Fisherman.


Walleye are also known as walleyed pike, yellowed pike and pickerel. They are sometimes referred to as sauger, which is a mistake because, although they are closely related, sauger is a different fish.

Walleye get their name from their eyes. Their eyes, however, allow them to see better than most fish in murky water and low light conditions. For this reason, they feed mostly at night and visibility is low, as it gives them a distinct advantage over their prey.

Tackle for Lake Erie Walleye

Walleye can grow to be a big fish–over 30 inches long. But this is a rarity in Lake Erie. You will want to use a medium-sized pole with up to 8 pound test line. If you are casting for walleye, you’ll want to use more sensitive tackle, as walleye are prone to subtle hits as the lure sinks towards the bottom.

As for rigs and lures, this varies greatly on the type of fishing you are doing. There’ s a wide variety of trolling rigs, jigs for spring, and spinners to use in conjunction with live bait.

How to Catch Lake Erie Walleye

This also varies not only by your fishing method, but what time of year you’re fishing. We at The Lake Erie Fisherman have included many articles on how to catch Walleye in Lake Erie. Below are links to help you.

Fishing Tips for the Maumee River Walleye Run