Lake Erie Western Basin

The shallowest portion of Lake Erie, it boasts the largest island area, and of course its walleye fishing. Lake Erie’s Western Basin averages only about 25′ in depth. But don’t that fool you. Storms can turn the lake in the drop of a dime. More than one boater/fisherman have been caught off guard by its whiplash moodswings.

Western Basin Fishing

The western Basin is known for its walleye fishing, but there’s much more that an angler can enjoy, including:

Fishing by boat is advantageous, but fishermen still do well of the shores and piers. Of course, if don’t have a boat, you can always charter one. The Western Basin has a lot of charters to choose from.

If you need to find somewhere to pick up some tackle and bait, we’ve compiled a handy list for you.